Saturday, July 11, 2015

Top 10 balloon sculptures for children birthday parties

For this weekend's blog post, i am going to blog about the most commonly asked for - balloon sculptures. Most of them are actually either the special balloons i did for the birthday child, or balloon sculptures i did for a larger decoration design. Hope everyone enjoy!

Not in any particular order, here are the top 10 balloon sculptures based on the demand from our balloon sculpting gigs (P.S. aside from balloon swords) :

Balloon Bouquet of Flowers

I think all my balloon artists will agree, this is the best gift for the birthday child's mum for any parties!

Balloon Elsa

This cartoon character is still in high demand even after quite a while since the movie had been released. Most birthday parties where we have birthday girls, will want to have princess Elsa.

Balloon Minion

Minions are the cutest beings on earth don't you agree? Everyone loves them!!!

Balloon Snowflake

Not just once or twice... In fact we have children coming up many times, telling us they want a balloon snowflake. Its a really random request.

Balloon Machine Gun

Machine gun is super popular, not just among the boys but also girls as well. Perhaps it is fun to play with too.

Balloon Dog

I guess beside a balloon sword, the next closest balloon sculpture you can think of for balloon sculpting will be a balloon dog! This could be the most commonly-asked-for balloon sculpture of all times.

Balloon Princess

Our smaller version of all princesses' favorite, a balloon princess!

Balloon Wedding Couples

This pair of balloon wedding couples could be our best seller. It is very popular among weddings and we have done probably close to a hundred of them!

Balloon Owl

Owls are super cute birds. They have big round eyes and super small beaks. Check out the balloon owls which our balloon artist Ben made for the clients' guests during his balloon sculpting gig.

Balloon Pooh

Winnie the pooh never gets old!