Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Happy Sunday

Its the 19th July 2015, more than half of the year had passed. It is still pretty amazing how we have been doing balloons for almost a decade already. Time flies~

Today we had an order for our cartoon balloon twisting package which we offers the clients balloon sculptures of complicated cartoon characters. We came out with this idea couples of years back to differentiate us from our competitors. The balloon sculpting session with the cartoon balloon twisting for children birthday party is very challenging. I can't do it alone too, therefore i will always have an assistant. My husband will normally be the one helping me.

Yoda, Elmo & Tiger!

The Rapunzel balloon sculpture made for the birthday girl.

Group photo altogether!

 At the same time, at the other far end of Singapore, we have Mr Rabbit's magic show!
Jazz is our frequent magic performer for most of the children birthday parties. He also does marketing for Jocelynballoons and my husband's balloon company Artsyballoons. So during his free time he love performing for the kids, well he owns several other businesses too.

Heard that he got a lot of good comments after the show, well done!

Till next time, signing off~ Good nights