Balloon Decorations

Balloon Decorations are awesome for all kinds of events in Singapore. First of all, when we think of a fun event, we will definitely think of balloons. What's more attractive than having balloon decorations for your events?
Our services for balloon decorations ranges from corporate balloon decorations, private functions, birthday parties, road shows and carnivals. In fact when you can name any event, we can provide the suitable balloons just for your decoration needs!

We have the privilege to be invited for overseas balloon exhibitions and decorate for our local mega projects in shopping malls.

Here are some of our original balloon creations and balloon decorations. Since 2007, we have been brainstorming the suitable balloon designs suitable for decorations for all occasions. Jocelynballoons are proud to share these balloon sculptures and decorations with you.

=> Balloon Decorations for Birthday Parties!

Balloon Cartoon Character on single Display

Balloon Wedding Couples
Usual popular set ups are our balloon couples. And of course you can change them to your favorite animals or even cartoon characters. We can do the balloon decoration in a pair of male and female!
View more balloon wedding designs at:

Display Balloon Backdrop done for Prime Minister Lee
We are honored to be invited for Chinese New Year celebration for 2 consecutive years until now.
On 2013, check our our blog post :)

On 2014.

This Year 2015.

Jocelynballoon offers a large creativity space for clients to propose ideas to us and we will design them out with our balloons. Detailed balloon sculptures are what attracted our clients and brings value to our balloon designs and decorations:
 Display Balloon Backdrop (customised cartoon characters)

Balloon backdrop
The classic balloon backdrops are normally done mainly in round balloons with metal frames for support. Such decorations are grand but easily cost a few grands. We came out with these cute balloon backdrop decorations to fit into birthday themes, birthday parties and other celebrations!

Animal theme balloon backdrop are very popular!

Underwater theme balloon backdrop

Frozen theme balloon backdrop

Balloon Arches
Of all the balloon decorations, a balloon arch is a must have for all occasions! Rainbow balloon arches are most popular out of all designs.

Rainbow Arch with sunflowers and custom name/logo can be done as well!
And you can also add more complicated balloon sculptures to the entire design!

FairyTale theme balloon arches are very lovable by kids!

National day theme balloon backdrop design

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