Sunday, June 28, 2015

Balloon sculpting time for birthday party

Past few weeks i was busy with shopping malls and larger decorations for my balloon business. And now we are back for children birthday parties. Notice that i am holding on to a balloon monkey on a palm tree? Cute isn't it?

My balloon sculptures, as i told my clients, will not include cartoon sculptures unless you hire the cartoon balloon package. Glad that all the clients understand this. I still do my best for the kids in terms of blending in many colours and types of balloons to make it really advance. Well, the birthday child can get a special balloon remember?

So yes if you were to hire the $180 package, you can get a really special balloon sculpture for the birthday child!

We have balloon artists running around the island for gigs. Sincerely thank you to all my balloon artist who made my clients really happy!
See you at future birthday parties.