Sunday, April 26, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday to Nicole - Frozen theme party

Once again, happy birthday to Nicole! It's her 4th birthday celebration and her parents decided to make her fairytale come true. We are hired by them to recreate some balloon designs along the theme: Frozen.

Definitely, it's not an unfamiliar theme. We have had tried all kinds of variation of the characters from the movie, since it was really popular theme among kids parties. However, Nicole's daddy and mummy wanted bigger Anna and Elsa balloon sculptures. Therefore we worked out on a new design for our client!

First of all, the venue was at Bishan's "Clover by the park" function room. The room itself is made up of mostly glassed walls, thus we have a complete view of the outdoor scenarios. Therefore the balloon designs cannot be too complicated as it will blend into the "background". We had foil names sticked onto the glass walls with glue dots, and two helium bouquets at the side. Food was served along the long table right in front of this segment of our balloon decorations.

Here is a closer view of our helium bouquets.

Next up, we pre-made the top portion of Anna and Elsa (balloon sculpture) the night before. It was then transported to the venue and completed on the spot.

Here is the balloon Princess Anna sculpture:

Here is the balloon Queen Elsa sculpture:

It makes perfect Kodak moments:

And there we have it, a complete full view of Frozen theme's balloon decoration:

Jocelynballoons also catered

This little girl requested from us an Elsa balloon sculpture too. And there she go, a mini elsa balloon sculpture. Hope she love it!

And yes everyone have got a specially made cartoon character too. The cartoon balloon twisting package offers various cartoon balloon sculptures for your kids party!
The balloon sculpting session was super fun but tiring. We hope everyone had fun in the party!

Looking forward to more upcoming events. :)