Monday, April 20, 2015

Balloon Sculpting for Kids

Jocelynballoons, since the beginning, focusses on kids birthday parties. The first service we provide was an hour of balloon sculpting service. Ever since then, we helped parents to custom different special balloons for just the birthday child. Therefore we decided on doing one each time we enter a party. After providing solely balloon twisting services, we move on to doing balloon decorations as well. In the early stages of our balloon decorating career, we hit on many obstacles. Transportation of heavy equipments are sometimes a hassle. We got the hang of it over time and decorations for birthday parties branched out to corporate clients and more.

Nevertheless, balloon sculpting is still our core business and we are blessed to have gigs every single weekend.

Kids love balloons very much, in fact, everyone does. Its strange and magical that everyone sees balloons as a happy icon. No one ever feels sad when they first see a balloon. Balloon is also a universal language when presented in different ways. For example, if i twist a butterfly balloon sculpture and show it to anyone who has seen a real butterfly, immediately they get reminded of a butterfly. Balloon sculpting is not just a form of entertainment, its also form of illustration and communication.