Monday, June 3, 2013

Wedding event @ Sentosa

Hi All!

I Am back to post on my blogger!

I tried different flowers at home, this is the most satisfy flower i made. hehehes.
This flowers include different sizes of balloons, if you've notice it.

Matching Different Size of balloons, can bring out different feel on it. Of course, colours of the balloons that's play a part too.

I did a event at ParkRoyal Hotel!
We are celebrating Mother's Day with their guests.

So they hired me there to sculpt some nice balloons for the children and of course, the mummies too :)
Some photos i taken with the children.

Balloon Rabbit with Carrot

They came to be a lot of time for different kind of animals.
So i just do all the balloons on their requests :)

I did a wedding event at One Degree 15 Marina Club @ Sentosa.
Congrat to Jack & Marilyn.

I reached at 3pm to setup all the decoration.
Firstly, I cutted the ribbon for about 150 helium balloons.
I scattered around all the helium balloons.

Mostly at the ballroom. That's the main focus point. on wedding :) 

After that, I decorated the reception table!
Is my first time this :)

Balloon Wedding Couple requested by client :)
My Signature balloon for wedding event.

We ended at 6pm. The bride requested to see me, and the married couple gave me a Ang Bao.
Wish them have a happie Marriage :)