Sunday, June 9, 2013

Balloon Decoration at Northpoint Shopping Centre & RSW Ballroom

Hi Guys,

A week has passed! 
I am here to post on my recently events at Northpoint Shopping Centre & Resort World Ballroom.

 My Assistant & I prepared Clown on Roller Coaster car, Boy on Roller Coaster Car & Girl on Roller Coaster car beforehand. we used about 3 hours to finish all the preparation of balloons.

My whole concept is a balloon roller coaster and a small size Balloon ferries wheel. 

I was there at 10pm to start all my setup. About 10.30pm, My partner & Assistant arrive to help out for the Balloon arch. :)

We use quite a long time to finish it, as the balloon coaster track keep bursting.
But after all the hard work, we manage to finish it by 1am.

The whole outlook.

A small minii Ferries Wheel

Take a shot while i was preparing half way. almost done~

Balloon Clown!

Balloon Girl on Roller Coaster

My own Creation balloon rabbit. it's has a cheeky face.
Eating it's carrot happily. After i finish this rabbit, someone buy from me.

My team are selling balloons at Northpoint for the past 2 weeks,

I met this pretty & kind client.
She hired 2 balloon artist & 1 roving magician.

We have Kaden & i doing balloon sculpting.
Sculptures are more related to marine theme!

Did a lot of fishes, octopuses, sharks, dolphins & etc!

Roving magician, we have Mr Rabbit!
A Comedy Magician i have in my team! 

I reached there quite early, as i need to prepare a pair of columns for my client.

Our balloon sculpting booth!

Jocelyn & Mr rabbit!