Sunday, May 19, 2013

Balloon Decoration at Sentosa

Hi Guys!

Back to post some pictures. and meanwhile, i can edit photos of my artworks.

On 17 May 2013, I went to Sentosa, Sapphire Pavilion for some decoration.
Theme for the Event is Carnivals.

So i thought of doing Ferries wheel, Roller coaster & etc. but at last min, then i know it will be place on the stage. So last minute, i change of my idea.

Instead of doing Ferries wheel & etc, 
 I did Balloon Clown, Balloon Monkey on Unicycle, Balloon Bear with drum, Balloon Giraffe with Hola Hoops, Balloon Dog balancing Big ball, & Balloon Elephant balancing on big ball.

Some picture are still on editing. 
Will post more picture when is done!

Jazz went over to help out on site. And drive us back home!

Balloon Clown

Last Saturday, A lot of balloon orders for big display.
This Display was delivered to Bugis+ @ Candy restaurant.

It is good to have some balloons sculptures or helium balloon to spice up your events or parties!

Life Size Balloon Girl Display

Balloon Star Columns!

Jazz & william went to event place to setup the columns.
It just take them about 10 - 15 mins to finish up a pair of columns.
Amazing right?

You can add some decoration at your events & parties.
To make the place look elegant or fun.

We customize the balloons to suit your theme.