Saturday, May 11, 2013

Balloon plans for the 2nd half of 2013

In early 2013, we planned out a special segment of private workshops.

Thanks to all the students who signed up and allow me to have the opportunity to share the art with you guys!

The Certificate of Completion was given to each of them who completed the workshop, waiting for some photos to be sent to me. 

My studio always turns into a mess when students starts the lessons with me, and the packing up is the tedious part, when everyone is tired already. *haha

This are the students from the balloon introduction class, which we sold in groupon for a huge crowd of  response. Over 300 students registered the balloon workshop!

As mid 2013 is approaching, we always come out with new ideas and new packages for our clients.
As for this time, instead of making price adjustments or bundles for our services,
we decided to give the product line a hit.

Jocelyn balloons had been providing balloon sculpting services, and balloon decorations for clients all around singapore. Just recently we got into balloon workshops and lessons, which eventually inspired us to come out with our own line of products.

We decided to name it Gifts, by jocelynballoons.
Why gifts?

I believe balloon and balloon art is God's greatest gift to me.

Ever since the company got started in late 2009, we learn and of course we earn along the way.
What makes us really passionate about balloon sculpting is not just mainly about balloons and us. Its about us, balloons and people we met along the way.

Balloons are like an universal language, that breaks barriers among people.
When a children is crying, you could just approach him/her with a balloon and it wipes their tears.
When you start twisting balloons in public, you attract a big crowd around you.

This is what i feel so magical about balloons, it symbolize joy and happiness.
As well as it connects people together.

Through this project, i am going to share my knowledge, skills and ideas to everyone who loves and have not yet fall in love with balloons. And to share this Gift with everyone around me.
A random photo of today's life size balloon giraffe delivery:

A preview of my Balloon Sunflower tutorial kit:
each set will consist of the instruction sheet and balloons sufficient for two sculptures

This photo is suppose to be up weeks ago, but somehow i miss it out! *hehe
These are free gifts for a client who got us for 2 hours of cartoon twisting

 End of with an unglam photo of me in a balloon dress.
Made by Kaden, Jazz and yours truthfully!