Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year 2013!

JocelynBalloons would like to wish all my readers, family and friends a happy new year!

Chinese new year comes with lots and lots of angbao. This year in particular, on the 2nd day of this festive season, we were hired for a high profiled event!

It is really our honor to be able to provide our services to our Prime Minister Lee and Mrs Lee's family. Thank you very much for the wonderful experience. :)

The balloon decorations consist of a pair of lion head displays

And of course, Jocelynballoons' all time favourite:

Cute little animals and creatures!!!

Bumble Bee

Ooops lion head again (Trying to be random)

This is not an animal nor a creature, its a flower! *hehe

Balloon Rabbit! New idea ^^

My new elephant sculpture!

Here's the full view of the photo-taking balloon backdrop

The artists: Jazz, Me and Guangliang 

They say that i drew the face of this doll til its very funny >< 

We were so busy that we could not snap any photos of the process.
So here's what happened:

On the first day of CNY, at about 4pm, we head to our studio and started twisting.
9pm was dinner at Jazz's place,
and we went back to studio for overnight twisting til the morning!!!

Second day's was the set up at 7am.
It all went well, whew!!! The entire team consists of:

Bertram and Clemen at the Popcorn and Candyfloss booth
Alethea's facepainting service
Kaden and Jazz at the lion head making and balloon workshop booth
Me, Guangliang and Jazz (again) at the making of the balloon garden display
Finally with most of us doing the balloon giveaways from 10am to 12pm.

It all ended with a big angbao for everyone in the team,
And i meant BIG BIG ANGBAO!!!


Signing Off! :)