Sunday, March 3, 2013

Disney on ice - 5th balloon arch done!

Note that this is an official Disney project.
One last arch to go next week and it's pay day for my team and i! Excited
We are very happy to be able to get this 6 weeks project, and at the very same time gain this portfolio.

The concept of this arch is by Jazz, which he proposed foam board graphics at the top and 2 stands at the side of the arch (not shown here).
Will be uploading all 6 balloon arches, which looks exactly the same though! :)

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For my client:

The balloon arch with mickey ears :)

Table balloon centrepieces designs. We have Donald:

I am thinking if kids recognize these cartoon characters.
Nowadays, we have so many and many new cartoons, and i am having difficulties catching up with the trend haha.

Anyways, more photos coming up! thx people for reading.
Cya at your next birthday party!