Monday, February 11, 2013




Here we are at Jurong Safra!

Theme: Circus 
Balloon Elephant

Our Team, William & Bertram & Jazz

They take 2 hours to finish up everything!
That quite amazing :D

Special Balloon LifeSize!
I like the birthday girl.
She look cute, don't she?

This Life Size was Done by Jazz & Me

Caishen Ye Columns!
Jazz prepared the caishen ye over a the night. 

Their Theme is Pirate!
Daddy seem very happy :D

A girl requested for a Rainbow Balloon.

Here is Our Amazing Face painter!
All the mummies just like her face painting so much.
And requested for her.

Here is Mr Rabbit!
Doing magic show for children.
Laugh all the way to the end of the show!

Mr Clown! done by jazz.

Shall end here
& Take more Ang bao!
HAHAHA. Seeyou kids soon!