Saturday, December 8, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

JocelynBalloons wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

Lets hope that everyone receives lots and lots of presents for this year's christmas, and everyone will have an enjoyable celebration.

Now if you are looking for a Santa Claus, we have one! Hehe*
The price will be $120/hour for Santa to walk around to give out presents (provided by you)
$170/hour for us to provide the presents (candies and chocolate goodies) x 30 packets
$230/hr only! For BOTH Jocelyn and Santa to make balloons for everybody!

ADDITIONALLY, we will WAVE OFF the peak hour charges!
Which means the prices stated are all NETTS PRICES, no hidden charges and additional costs.

Lets look at the next event:
Balloon Team Building Workshop for MOE !

William prepared this overnight for the decoration
A quick look at the overall of the balloon team-building workshop:

Basically we arranged a main host and 4 instructors for this event.
Client is one of the main branch in MOE, which means our students are all teachers!
Sounds ironic, but yes, our students are teachers.

Thank you so much for your helps: Ace, Alethea, Bertram, Shingo, Serene and William!!!

Back to some christmas balloon designs for decorations,
some past designs:
a balloon cupid:
a balloon christmas tree with my mummy and lots of presents!!!
And here's yours truthfully, Jocelyn Ng, LOLz

Counting down to Christmas in 16 days!!!