Sunday, December 23, 2012

Birthday Parties ( Balloon Sculpting )

Hello ALL,

Back to post some pictures.

Firstly, Congrats Raymond!
I did a special balloon wedding couple for them.

I met Raymond at Ripple Bay Showflat.

So sweet of them.

Balloon Wedding Couple on reception table

Second, Having a Birthday Party at Han's Cafe that located at Great Eastern Centre.
Celebrating Mummy Jocelyn's daughter birthday.

She have the same name as me. HAHA,

See this cute little boy!
He is so happy that he had his balloon lion.

Sweet Family had a flower bouquet.
So cute! the mummy have a sweet smile.

 Birthday Party at a condo.
ohh noo. i think i forget the name of the condo.

Elephants, Cars, Butterflies.

I still remember that the mummy and daddy invite us to eat some snack before we leave.

Big flower bouquet!

I can do all this nice nice balloons, is all thanks to my assistant !
he helped me a lot!


before i am out of town.
I learn this rabbit online.

And i even add a small Christmas hat for her!

Guess who is he?

Goodnights! <3