Sunday, November 18, 2012

Birthday Parties.

Happy Birthday Children.

Birthday Party at Pat Schoolhouse.
I bet this is 1 of the most famous childcare centre.

I can say, The teachers there are quite experiences.

And Thank Mummy Catherine for hiring me to her girl birthday party 
and she even ordered a Life size Princess for her girl, the next day.

I am quite happy to be there as all the teachers and children are very friendly.

Me with the birthday girl.

She requested a flower with butterfly on top.

The flower with the butterfly is quite big.

Here we go to the next party.
Birthday Party at Fernwood Towers.

Mummy Julie offer us (me & my assistant) to have our dinner before we start balloon sculpting.
The foods is really nice :). And once again, Thanks Mummy Julie for the foods!

Here We see is Our new Pirate boy!
He requested for a pirate painting on his face.
(opps, Mummuy Julie also hired a Face painter too)

And Happy Birthday :)
Birthday Boy Requested for a Red Car.

I am Quite impress with him. 
He know how to dance Gangnam Style.
He even dance for his friends.

A very very hyper and cute birthday boy.
He sure will be a handsome boy when he grow up.

Lastly, A girl requested for a Balloon Panda.
hehehe. I love Panda.
Like Jia Jia & Kai Kai ( at the Zoo now)
I shall visit the zoo soon. :D

And Happy Birthday to kids out there!
Enjoy~ <3