Monday, February 23, 2015

Chinese New Year balloon decorations and balloon sculpting

Me with Mrs Lee

Hello everyone! How’s your Chinese new year been? Mine had been a tiring yet enriching experience, and for the third time that we’ve been to Mr Pm Lee’s house for Chinese new year celebration. It has been such a honour for choosing Jocelynballoons us their balloon decorator and balloon sculptors for 3 consecutive years. Thanks for having us!
And the day before we spent the entire day preparing 200+ over balloons for the event, and it was super tiring as  we slept less than 3 hours. But thankfully we managed to finished everything! These are the things that we’ve prepared! Bees, minions, hello kitty, sheep, fish, chicken, duck and Elsa bracelets. :D
And the pictures below are the balloons that we’ve prepared. :D

A whole lot of bracelets ready to be given away!

One of the most popular sculpture, the chicken!

Cute little duckling! :D

Finding Nemo balloon sculpture!

So after 3 hours of pumping the balloons and assembling them altogether, I finally managed to complete the balloon backdrop! Yay! And there’s photos down below. :)

Ouji and I fixing the balloons.

Close up of the balloon dog.

Ouji fixing the balloons.

Me fixing the sunflower

Ouji and I after finishing the backdrop.

Me fixing the sheep
My balloon Mary!
The completed balloon backdrop.
Fixing the sheep’s eyes
Coating the balloons with balloon shine to make it beautiful!

After we’re done with the backdrop, we proceed on to do the balloon sculpting and balloon giveaway! There were lots and lots of happy children! Taking photos at the backdrop, eating popcorn and candy floss and so many other activities going on. :D

Ouji and I doing balloons

Popcorn and candy floss machine by Party Parlour!

 Ouji from Artsyballoons

And after another 2 hours of balloon sculpting for the children. We’re done with our day and it’s also our time to go visiting! Miss my grandmother and my other relatives as I haven’t seen them for a quite a while.

Alright, that’s all for today. See you! :D