Monday, February 9, 2015

Balloon decoration @ Wing on Life Garden!

Hi guys!
It's been a long time since I update my post.
It feel good to work back with the same clients again and again. When they know you definitely will do a great job for them. And believe on just wording.
Yeah, you are right! No proposals was drawn. And I make sure my clients are happy with my artwork.
Love working with them though it might be the last time. Since both of their children are big now. We were doing their party since 5 years ago!
Teamed it up with Ouji from Artsyballoons. I handle on girl side and ouji handle the boy side.
Setup at 11am to 3pm.
I prepared some sculptures before hand, since I am alone to do that whole backdrop. Ouji & Jazz did another one.
Happy Birthday to Jyeshi & Jyekai
Hope both of you like the backdrop as much as we do .
Some helium balloons that matches the balloon backdrop designs

Ouji with his "toothless balloon sculpture", that children can sit on it!

Balloon Olaf sculpture, saying hi!

So the Olaf is actually a prop which people can hug and take photo at the backdrop

Balloon Elsa!

And here's Anna :)

The night before we had so many other work to do as well. We helped Kristina from Little Red Balloons to set up a decoration at a party til about 12 midnight. On the set up day for frozen, by right e have to also deliver these Balloon Wedding Couples, but Kristina helped us to deliver! Loves, thank you so much ^^