Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Proposal

Today is Saturday, 6th December 2014. A regular saturday for most of us, but a special day of two special friends. This is the venue, East Cost Park Singapore, at 1pm. Our dear friend decided to use balloons to deliver this special message to this special lady of his life. We gave him our blessings, and physical support, here we go!
Arriving at the venue, we had lots of balloons prepared beforehand. The place does not have electrical socket therefore most of the balloons had to be prepared at home.
Here we are once again. And its kinda raining!
So we head up!

And we are at the magical spot now.
Within seconds and we are done!

Haha we are joking about the few seconds thing. We took almost an hour to piece everything together, under the drizzling rain. The good thing is, balloon decorations last better without direct sunlight. And thanks to the rain, there is no harsh sunlights!

Everything was completed at 2pm. And at about 4pm, we saw this photo on instagram!

This is the lucky boy, and of course she said yes!