Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Candylicious balloon decorations

Its Candylicious theme balloon decoration

This balloon decor event was passed to us by Chinbee from Thatballoons. In fact it was pass to my husband and we went down to do the decoration together. The theme is candy!

The company "Total" had their annual dinner last night at Spuds and Apron. This restaurant is awesome. As it is located right on top of mount faber, the scenery is very beautiful.

 Here is the entrance, after we park the car at the valet.

 Here we are, with baby Owen. Whole family is here to work, hehe.

 Fast forward time, the decoration is almost done. We did not take much photos as it was raining very heavily. We were busy setting up without any photos of the balloon sculptures taken.

This is me with the helium balloons and Lollipop balloon columns.

This is Chinbee, very pretty :) As mentioned, she passed us the show and she was also here yesterday to do the helium balloon decorations.

This is baby owen! He was hanging out at the lobby waiting for us. Just kidding!
Jazz took him down to the lobby to wait for us, and took this photo :)

Though it is rare for weekdays to have shows, december is crazily busy. We had balloon decorations and balloon workshops on most of our weekdays and weekends we have balloon sculpting bookings as  well. Busy is good though, as we can earn more money. But we should also take care of our body and let it rest. Today is rest day, and we will continue the balloon gigs on weekends.

Thank you Chinbee :)