Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Top 8 Amazing balloon sculptures in the World

Largest Balloon Sculpture
Over 70000 balloons, 30 professional artists taking different shifts, and approximately 40 hours to complete this amazing balloon robot. Singapore balloon artist Lily Tan holds several Singapore books of records and Guinness books of record, including this one!

Patty Jacobo's Balloon dress
Balloon artist from Palm Desert, California did it again! Together with her friends, this amazing artwork was made just recently. We balloon artists call these balloon fantasy flowers, made out of wires and latex balloons with no air inflation required. This is an extremely amazing balloon dress!

GIANT balloon bear
At first glance, its photo editing? Nope it is not!
This is done by balloon artist Jean Luc from France. Just where to find these giant twisting balloons, honestly i have no idea!

Most Resemblance for Cartoon Characters
Balloon artist Joseph Ho from Malaysia did these amazing cartoon characters with balloons. These are balloon distortion techniques done with extra care and details to its finest! Kudos!

Balloon dress by Rie hosakai from Japan
Rie hosakai and art director/graphic designer Takashi Kawada in my opinion, produces the best balloon and photography artwork in the entire world. This is one of her insane series of artworks with the "INK" concept.

Balloon bear by Rie hosakai from Japan

Made also by this amazing lady Rie Hosakai, an elegant piece of art. Formed by many "apple twist" using a single colour balloons, put together to form a "painting" of a teddy bear. The same word to describe her artworks: INSANE!

China balloon artist 何珅龍‘s Bumblebee
Talking about details in an artwork. I will rate this the best Life size balloon sculpture i ever seen in years. Every part of this robot is crafted with exact details in resemblance to the original design made in metal. I can stare at this for hours admiring the balloon sculpture details!

New York artist Jason Hackenwerth is famous for his organic and biological forms made from latex balloons. This stunning Alien design is one of his signature piece.


Out of all these 8 mind blowing designs, 3 out of 8 happened to be Teddy Bears. 

DO YOU KNOW? The name Teddy Bear comes from former United States President Theodore Roosevelt, who was commonly known as "Teddy"

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