Sunday, July 20, 2014

Balloon Events

Hi Guys :D
Another week has pass. 

Lately I've doing some birthday party.
But didn't take any photos, As i am a little busy doing sculptures.
By the time I wanna take, Kids already gone home.

So didn't manage to take a photo with them.

A lot client asked me, Why i didn't do my round concept balloon for balloon sculpting.
I thought of doing it, But all the sculpture are kind of time consuming. 

Maybe i am only able to do max 15 Animal Sculptures for 1 hour.
And i still remember one of my client asked me,
Why they cannot hire us here to do the round concept balloons for an hour.
So they can decorate the place.

Well, because this is a package prices for balloon sculpting cost.
Decoration & balloon sculpting are totally a different thing :).
Hope you guys understand.

Doing Balloon dress for fun with Jazz Ang & Ouji.
And with our professional model, Sherrie Siau.

Life Size Balloon Lion done by Jazz.
He send this pictures to me today!

It was totally amazing. I think i will not be able to do that big sculpture.
But maybe I can just try out one day! :D.

Balloon Flowers for this little girl :D
Not from my events but from jazz.

All the kids sure have a great time to get as many balloon as they want :)

Lastly, I wanna say to all the clients.
Please do understand that we really want to help you by giving discount.
But, as this is our full time job. 
We only get paid by jobs that we have done.

Thankyou for your understanding. :)