Saturday, October 5, 2013

Northpoint Shopping mall Decoration

Hello Guys!

My Balloon Artist, Jazz
Just did a balloon pink elephant with his team!

Balloon Elephant need to use a lot of round balloons!
As this event need to last for 2 weeks!

Do come down to Northpoint Shopping mall to take a look at all this amazing balloon sculptures!
Is not easy to build such big balloon elephant within an hour.

Jazz even added some beautiful balloon sunflower on it!
As you can see, is another different technique for balloons!
The shape is not round but oval.

As he used a technique called Balloon Distortion.

Next, My team and I did a Huge Balloon Giraffe.
Thanks to my team, so we manage to finish the balloon giraffe on time.

My beautiful balloon girl is going to feed the giraffe!
My Balloon girl is double stuffed!
What does that mean? 

There is another layer of balloon inside of a balloon.
So is called double-stuff !

Double stuff is to get different colours and to make the balloon harder.
But please do not press the balloons, you might just burst them :(.

I used a lot of polka dots balloons to make the flowers.
And the balloon girl is holding an apple. beside her, there is a bucket of fruits.

Do come down and take a look before it is gone!
We will be dismantling on 13 October night. 

And remember, to take photos! but please do not squeeze them nor hit them :(.
Is all our hardwork and time.
Do take care like we, artists do :)