Sunday, September 29, 2013

Balloon Birthday Party & Balloon Event

Hello Guys!

I am here to post some past events that my team & i did before.

First event!
This Balloon Wedding Arch is done at Holy Grace Presbyterian Church
Guanliang & I went there about 7.50am.
Started set up at 8am.

As the solemnization is starting at 10am!
We took about 2 hours to finish the balloon arch!

And if you can see, there are some red red thing on the balloon arch.
Actually it was all fake flowers provided by our client.

We just help to put up those fake leaves & fake flowers.
All these fake flowers & leaves was done by one of her friend!
So it was totally Hand-made! Cut out one petal by one petal.
And put them together to make a flower.

We don't need to use everything to be balloons!
But adding some fake flowers, fake leaves or other accessories,
Can make it with a totally different feel. 

Second Event.
Balloon Sculpting at 24 Ghim Moh Link!
This event was organized by Ulu Pandan CC.

They are celebrating Mooncake Festival!

So to match the theme!
I made a Balloon Chang E with Yu Tu (the balloon rabbit)

Is my first time trying out to do a balloon chang e.

This is not an event!
But trying out a technique called "Balloon Distortion"

I tried to put some small round balloon inside 1 big round balloon.
And adding the nose to her. 

I burst almost 3 times! before i manage to done 1 without bursting.
It was really a new experience to learn new things and technique!

I will try to create more balloon sculptures whenever i am free!

Third event!
Balloon Sculpting @ Universal Studios Singapore!
There were 3 balloon artists there for CPG Corporation Pte Ltd Family day!

Our balloon artists have Jazz Ang, Bertram Yanf & Guan Liang.
We does 1 hour 30 mins balloon sculpting there to entertain the Children & of course, the adults!

Jazz even booked a hotel room at Hotel Michael!
So we don't have to wake up so early for this event.

I did a balloon princess for the organizer!

Last event!
Balloon Sculpting for this little princess!
Birthday Party was held at The Seaview Condo (Amber road)

Our Balloon Artist, Guanliang did a special balloon princess for her.
And of course, Mummy Debbie still hired Candy floss machine & Face painting to entertain the kids.

She even decorated the room nicely with the Rapunzel theme.