Monday, September 2, 2013

Balloon Decoration @ Singapore Khalsa Association

Helloo Guys!

Before going to do this balloon decoration, 
My partners, Jazz & Guanliang have their own events at different places.

So i have to prepare some balloon Sculptures at home before we all go together to do this beautiful Balloon carriage.

I used about 1 hours plus to do a Balloon Baby, A Little boy, 2 Planes & 2 wheels beforehand. 

We went to do this Balloon Carriage @ Singapore Khalsa Association at 4pm.
We used about 2 hours to finish this balloon carriage.  

This Balloon Carriage have a Indian Prince feel :)
Somehow, we can make a different feels to fix in different venue or events.
Rather then a totally blue balloon carriage.

A mix of colours, can bring out different feeling.
And of course spice up your venue :)

This is a backdrop in front of the birthday cake table. 

A balloon Baby :)

Balloon Plane

Lastly, a Balloon boy :)

After that, Jazz went for another party!

A Balloon Princess for the birthday girl!

Little boys are always excited playing with their swords & guns!
And Little Girls always like girly stuffs like flowers, butterfly & etc.

It is hard for a bunch of kids to take photo together.
As they are always so energetic.