Thursday, August 29, 2013

Balloon Arches at Sentosa Wavehouse for Starhub

Balloon Event for Starhub!

6 Balloon Artists were there to do 6 Balloon arches & 300 helium balloons!
They are there about 8am!

It was so Hot and Sandy!
Due to the weather, The balloons keep bursting.
But for as they are all professional artist, they figure out a way not to let the balloons burst.

They actually took 2 - 3 hours time to finish 6 Balloon arches & 300 helium balloons.
I was quite amazed by their speed!

My artists have to dismantle the arch at night, after the whole event ended.
It was not easy to be a balloon artist. Sometime we even sacrifice our beauty sleep. :D  

Starhub Logo Colours was requested!

After all the hardwork, time for a group photo!
We had a happy team :)

Recently, I have some different request from different clients!
Here are some pictures!

A Balloon Grasshoppper!
It was really my first time doing this.

Trying to find a way to make it's head nice and cute.
And this is the outcome! :)

Balloon Mouse!

If you can see who is he. :)
I did this first time too! it was requested by a little boy named Jerry!
I tried different technique to make this cute balloon mouse.

Everyone favourite character now!
It was nicely wrapped.

And it was done by Jazz Ang, Senior Balloon Artist.