Friday, July 26, 2013

Balloon Princess has become my trademark!

I am like "WheeeeeE". Going on a short vacation today and tomorrow to Malaysia!

I did this balloon princess for my client few days ago before i went into my holiday mood.
As usual, i had to design the balloon sculpture according to my clients' preference. I am glad that i have more and more enquiries on the displays and in fact almost on par as my balloon sculpting service for the weekend house parties!

This weekend's shows had been passed to my trust worthy students and my balloon and business mentor Jazz.

As the busy June and July is coming to an end, August will then be a month of balloon workshop!

These coming months will be focusing on workshops as well, and of course the lesson plans will have new add-ons.

Alright many many new plans again!!!

Cya all at your home party or maybe during some of my public events :)