Saturday, July 27, 2013

Balloon events For the last week of July 2013

Balloon artist Bertram doing an event at Woodlands civic centre outside Standard Chartered.

Dora balloon sculpture made for the birthday girl at Jazz's balloon event (cartoon twisting)
The daddy was very friendly and very happy to receive the special balloon.

The rest of the kids made request like hello kitty balloon, angry bird, minions and bouquets of flowers.

Everybody gather and get ready to sing a long for the birthday party. And the adults were taking photos, so Jazz joined in to take some photos as well! :)

A shocked face! Maybe Jazz is scary to her.
These are the little girls who sort of became Jazz's little assistants. They were helping to find balloon colours and asking other children what they want for their choice of balloon sculptures to be made!
A cute little girl with her Red and transparent two balloon flowers bouquet:

The last event of Saturday night:

It was an opening of the dental clinic, with lots of guests and whole lot of the clinic assistants and dentists were there. In the picture is the boss and lady boss, so sweet! He ordered a big bouquet of 99 roses for her as a surprise. And our balloon artists made a balloon bouquet as a present for her as well.

Thank you so much for the great events, to allow our balloon artists and magicians to have fun performing for the crowd!