Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Favourite Balloon Princess

Hi everyone! Today i am going to talk about 7 of my favourite balloon princesses. Now all these balloon princess sculptures are all very dear to me, as i spent a lot of effort in creating them for my clients. All of them were made for kids parties.

Not in any special arrangement or orders...

Number 1 

Balloon doll on pony. This was created firstly for a mummy who hired us along side with many other balloon decorations. This was displayed beside the cake cutting table for photo-taking. Specially love the layout of this balloon display/decor.

Number 2 

Balloon Princess holding a red rose. Well this is a special request for a kids party by the mummy for her daughter, who will also be wearing a yellow princess dress on the birthday party. I remade this a night before and had the chance to studio photographed this beauty!

Number 3 

This balloon doll was a present for the birthday girl. She specially ordered one with yellow long hair and fushcia pink dress. 

Number 4

Balloon Cinderella Doll. This was done as a pre-made balloon order. The mummy requested for a cinderella and we took her original colours and reflect it on this doll.

Number 5 

Balloon Cinderella Doll (2) . This was a bigger size 1 metre tall balloon cinderella. :)

Number 6

Balloon Elsa. Frozen is one of the hottest balloon designs requested by parents for their kids for the entire 2015. This life size, 1.5metre, design was made for a balloon decoration for a private birthday party.

Number 7 

Last but not least, the pink doll. This was done for renowned SG blogger Bong Qiu Qiu. We did a hello kitty balloon arch for her, and decided to all this little doll at the side of the arch. Cute yeah?

Alright so here we have it, 7 of my favourite balloon dolls!

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