Saturday, February 20, 2016

Balloon displays

Hi guys, its weekend already. This morning i delivered this mermaid balloon sculpture display for my client, who made payment probably about 2 months ago! She broke my record of the earliest full payment made. So i thought i will have to put in 110% effort in delivering her balloon sculpture.

So here we have it, instead of just 1, i made 2!!!

Just kidding... it's still 1:

Since we are talking about balloon displays decoration artworks, i decided to dig out some past photos:

Miffy is super popular and this client requested to have 3 balloon miffy rabbits on her balloon decoration display.

 This is actually Balloon Chang-Er, made on last year's Mooncake Festival.

I love her bangs (hairstyle)

 Now this is balloon Alice. Just like me, i use to wear alice costume during my balloon sculpting gigs.

 And this, is at least 4 years ago. Fortune god balloon display for NTUC:

Just a quick blog post before rushing for the next shows. Till next time...

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