Sunday, January 31, 2016

Chinese new year riddle

Chinese New Year is around the corner! In fact is it just 7 days away!!! All the shops will be closed and suddenly some of us will become richer. I miss the days when i get angbaos, hopefully i will still receive them. As i am married now, i think its more of giving angbaos than receiving.

Nevertheless, here are some updates. 

Many balloon sculpting clients contacted us again for their kids party this year. Glad that i have you guys supporting me throughout these years, trusting my balloon sculpting service. Thanks all!

& One client especially, we are really honoured to be invited back for the 4th year for PM Lee's CNY celebration. You can check out our past balloon decorations artwork for them HERE.

We posted a riddle recently on Facebook and we also included the riddle in our recent EDM.

A man pushes his car and stops in front of a hotel and immediately goes bankrupt.

What is he doing?



Sorry if it's too lame for you!

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