Saturday, January 9, 2016

Balloon Backdrop with sculptures for events

About balloon backdrop designs

About 7 years back, we created balloon backdrops, using this method of lining up columns together. 

Well, the one of the traditional method is actually using the quick link/ Link O loons balloons to connect them into a backdrop. This special balloons have two ends!

So upon connecting the linking balloons, they can form a balloon backdrop. However we feel this this backdrop has a risk factor. If one balloon bursts, it will be very obvious.

But as for a thicker balloon backdrop using multiple balloon columns, one balloon popping will not really affect the design. And next we created balloon sculpting's sculptures to add on to the backdrop designs. Popular cartoon characters are made to blend into the theme of the party. Everything becomes a thematic balloon backdrop artwork.

If you realise, the centre of all the balloon backdrops we have done, is always emptier. That is the position for guests to take photographs. Lets look at this balloon backdrop:

This is done by Ouji from Artsyballoons.
The design is done with a long cluster of balloons at the front, with the balloon sculpture names. And there is an arc around the backdrop, creating an empty centre for people to take nice photographs with it.

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