Monday, December 14, 2015

Balloon sculpting for birthday parties

Birthdays are important milestones in our lives, and its a joyous occasion to celebrate them with our friends and family. It's a common practice for us Singaporeans to celebrate and throw a party for our 1st birthday, 3rd birthday, 16th birthday, 18th birthday and 21h birthday. These are the important milestones. It need not be a huge huge party, but we will at least have a gathering, a birthday cake and we sing the birthday song together.

The Birthday Song's Origins

Did you ever wonder where the Happy Birthday song came from? Sure, we all sing it every year at kid’s birthday parties no matter what language we speak, so here’s a little background on everybody’s favourite song. Two sisters, who were born in 1868 and later became educators, wrote the music and lyrics together. The Hill sisters first wrote a song for the classroom entitled "Good Morning to All", which was published in their songbook in 1893 called “Song Stories for the Kindergarten”. It gradually changed to "Good Morning to You" and then from there became “Happy Birthday to You” and was copyrighted in 1935 by yet another Hill sister.

Balloon Sculpting for Kids Parties

When it comes to celebrations, balloons always comes into the picture. There are the round balloons which are commonly used for balloon decorations, and the long balloons for balloon twisting. Professional balloon twisters or balloon artists, specialises in creating these beautifully crafted balloon sculptures for kids birthday parties.

Special Balloon for the Birthday Child

At JocelynBalloons, we will always pre-make a special balloon for the birthday child on his or her special day. Its our way of saying happy birthday. The mummy & daddy can request for the pre-made sculpture upon confirmation of the booking of our balloon artist.

Good Kodak Moments

The children will be able to have fun with their balloon sculptures. The photographer of the event will then be able to capture beautiful images of the children with the colourful balloons.
balloon camera

balloon car

balloon elephant

eating while holding on to the balloon butterfly

birthday boy with Thomas the train balloon sculpture

pink balloon bunny

balloon sword
giant balloon dog

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Professional balloon sculpting service for kids birthday parties
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