Sunday, August 23, 2015

Carnival theme balloon sculpting and decor

"A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear" - Anonymous 

We are hired for a balloon decoration and balloon sculpting service for a children birthday party. We were given 2 hours to complete the balloon decorations, and therefore some of the elaborate sculptures were prepared really before hand.

The life size balloon clown was made with the colour theme: Blue, pink and yellow.

The lollipops are made for the present table. We wrapped 5 inch balloons with clear plastic bags to make it look very much like a lollipop!

Balloon rollercoaster is made to decoration the main table in the function room:

Our face painter with the overview of the balloon roller coaster:

This design looks familiar? A similar design was done for a previous gig. This client likes it so much that she wants the exact same design to decorate her photo taking backdrop.

Balloon sculpting time!

The Balloon Carousel was made for photo taking. We spent most of the time making this, and we are really happy with the end result. Well, of course the client loves it too!

Till next time guys, bye :)