Friday, June 5, 2015

Ang Mo Kio hub balloon set-up (day 2 & 3)

Balloon sculpting is a huge part of my life, and i enjoy every single moment of twisting balloons. They say if you love what you do for a living, you do not have to work for a single day. Received this project from Pristine (JoanWalkerSg) to create a Pirate theme decoration. Eventually i gathered a group of balloon "kakis" and Ouji (Artsyballoons) got some of his balloon "kakis" as well.

We had 3 days to complete the balloon Pirate decoration.

Day 1 we were ahead of deadline, and went back early after the set up. Day 2 and 3 was really really busy!!! Here are some photos of the balloon decoration:

This was day 3 when i was sculpting/weaving the treasure chest using my 360s Caramel Brown. And half way through i realized i ran out of brown! I remembered i bought more than enough, but apparently it was used up. So Jazz had to rushed down to Balloon Baron to get some more.

This balloon Koala Bear sculpture was made upon client's request. Kind of cute though, i like it very much!

Zhong Yu (Thatballoons) came on the 1st day and the 3rd day. This was on the 3rd day when he was playing with my baby Owen.

A group photo in the middle of the night of day 3. In fact it was 3am in the morning of the next day already. Everyone's still so happy, well balloon sculpting is really fun! 

The pink balloon octopus' progress, day 2:

Day 3:

And its done! And i got caught by one of her pink tentacles. So it the pirate ship, oh no~!

Balloon pirate's parrot done by Jazz when he had a sudden inspiration.

Ouji looks like he is in pain. Hmmm..

ZhongYu forever so happy, haha!

Thanks for those who stayed til really late on day 3. They are Zhong Yu and Sihui !!!
*clap clap clap x 1000000*

When the Pirate ship is 90% complete, i am drawing the eyes for the black skull which goes on top of it's balloon flag.

We changed the framework with the advise and help from David, Frederick and Diana. Thank you very much to the balloon seniors for their help.
So here is the progress:

We were so touched when it was done!
And here is my balloon treasure island:

The balloon decoration could not be possible without the amazing balloon people, they are:

Ouji, Norvin, ZhongYu, Sihui, Kristina, HuiJie, Raj, Benjamin, Diana, Frederick and Jazz.

Event is til this Sunday, come on down if you have not do so! We have balloon sculpting for the kids too...We are at AMK HUB Level 4!!!