Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dresses using sculpting balloons

Created by local balloon artists from Jocelynballoons, these dresses are made entire from latex balloons. If you still think that balloons are for children birthday parties, these 10 images are going to change your mind.

1) Butterfly Wings

Done a couple of years back for a test out photo-shoot when we had our own photo studio. This balloon dress' base is "transparent", with an add on design of the black butterfly wings. One of our most favorite balloon dress.

2) Ocean Dress

The first ever balloon dress Jocelyn did, back in 2008. It was done by Jocelyn and Jastina for a balloon convention in Malaysia. We love the model!

3) The Purple Dress

This balloon sculpting process took us longer than usual. We used a smaller size balloon to achieve better details for the dress, therefore time-consuming.

4) The Big Ribbon

This balloon dress was done by Balloon Artists Kaden Tan and Jocelyn Ng. It was a random jamming session for both artists and "tada!", they came out with such masterpiece.

5) Puppet

Concept by Balloon Artist Jazz Ang. This artwork illustrates a puppet seeking for freedom.

6) The SG Books of Record 2014

On the 1st May 2014, Jocelynballoons held her own private event at Furama City Centre Level 5 Ballroom. And there we attempted to set the SG books of record, sculpting the longest balloon dress measuring 6 meters from head to tail.

7) Pink Dress

We wanted the combination of 80% Pink, 20% of blue and black.

8) Blue dress with 260

260 is the official name for "long" balloons or some will call it "twisting balloons". It is commonly used for balloon sculpting for birthday parties. We attempted to create a balloon dress with 260 solid blue to test out the effect. Now look at the flowers on the model's hair, they are balloons too! No joke!

9) The Umbrella

An idea of having a complete white and cute balloon dress, to photoshoot with the umbrella.

10) Easter Bunny

This is Jocelyn herself wearing a balloon dress made by herself. Pretty cool!