Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Balloon Photo-shoot 2015, editing process

Let me start of the post with my balloon monkey! And realize he is holding on to a bear bear.
Ok just trying to be random... ...

Anyways, we just had a fun photo-shooting session at a photo studio.
And here am i:

We met a very friendly white plush bear. He agreed to pose with the facebook logo made out of balloons by Guanliang. Super cute logo and super cute bear bear!

Jazz is currently editing the photos so more balloon sculptures or rather balloon dresses will be uploaded soon. Stay tune yup.

I made a balloon bunny sculpture and took a photo of the head with me before it was done. Love this bunny very much.

Jazz got his friend who is a freelance model to be our model. She did well for the poses for our ideal balloon dress concepts. Still editing, however we uploaded 2 of the main pictures on facebook already, do check it out.

Last weekend wasn't very good for celebrations as our Minister Mentor Mr Lee passed away. Its a really emotional weekend for almost all Singaporeans.

For this coming week, and next few weeks, we will be seeing you at your kids parties for balloon sculpting and decoration services soon!