Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mr Jazz, balloon artist exhibition in GuangZhou

First of all congratulations to Mr Jazz on his success in Guangzhou's balloon exhibition!

The event was held in Guangdong Museum on the 31st May, 1st June and the 2nd of June.
Celebration for Children's Day and Dragon Boat Festival 2014,
we collaborated with the officials in China, Guangzhou province and held this art exhibition.

Highlights of the entertainment program include the balloon fashion show:

Balloon sculpting tutorial on stage with Mr Bertram Yang:
 Art-board exhibitions with large balloon theme sculptures:
 Dragon Boat design by Jazz Ang:

The entire exhibition was packed with the public crowds with over 10000 people turned out for this wonderful event! We made history in Guangzhou :)

The team that brought so much fun to the kids in China and we ourselves had fun too!
Congrats to Mr Jazz once again ^^
More Photos can be found in my facebook page:

Updates on our birthday party packages are up on site as well as on our facebook page

Benedict did a recent balloon sculpting show for us, it was a children birthday party and the parents were amazed by his creativity.
He did many owls that day!