Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mail from Mr Rabbit

 It was only recently when Mr Rabbit emailed me some photos of his show! And i decided to blog about them, starting from the balloon decoration above. The arch is down with the standard rainbow arch sequence with the balloon tree. I love the helium balloons at the side bundled into bouquets. The four foil stars in front kind of makes the entire decoration looks "full" which personally i think its a good design. Notice the words "PROMO" on the arch? It is very hard to make and spend a long time to do as well.

Check out this balloon heart design :)
Done using the same weaving balloon technique

Mr Rabbit also emailed me some of his magic show poses with the children.
They are all pretty much the same, which he calls it his signature Bunny Bunny pose:
 Basically its the magic show's magic word. The children will just shout Bunny Bunny!!! at the top of their voice, pretty fun!
 Last one for this weekend, Bunny Bunny!!!
 Mr Rabbit not only helps with magic shows, he does balloon sculpting/twisting as well and his skills are very good. Lets see if i can get him to email me some balloon pictures or rather did he had the time to take photos during the balloon sculpting shows i passed him.

Til next time guys! Good night :)