Thursday, January 16, 2014

Balloon Decoration @ General Changi Hospital

Hello Guys!

Client Michelle requested a theme that is related to my costume!
And I kept telling my partner, how excited i am to do the decoration!

Total we have 4 balloon artists there,
Jocelyn, Guanliang, Jazz & Jasmin.

We split up the job. 
Guanliang & I were doing balloon Backdrop & Balloon Columns.

Jazz & Jasmin were doing Balloon Arch & Balloon Sculpting.

Guanliang and I prepared all the dolls, animals, table & chairs before hand.
We even asked our friend for help, to send all the balloon sculptures over.

A normal cab will never fit. We need a VAN.
We went to setup at 2pm. and done everything before 4.30pm.

Balloon Columns for the Entrance.

Balloon Backdrop for Photo taking!

Will Post the arch photo soon :)