Saturday, November 2, 2013

Balloon Columns with Wedding couple & Balloon Customized Arch

Hello !

Client Joyce Requested a Balloon Wedding couple columns to be place as a backdrop.
Guanliang & I did this sweet wedding couple, the night before.

We woke up at 7.30am to prepare our stuffs, 
and reached the venue at 8.30am.

We used about less than an hour to setup the columns. :)
Normally a column can last for a month.
Why? Because round balloon deflate slower.
And long balloon deflate in few days time.

Balloon Bride

Balloon Groom


Balloon Customized Arch done by our artist Jazz Ang,
Celebrating of their daddy birthday!

Client April, Requested a Superman Theme for her daddy :)
All Daddy in the world are like a superman to their own child.

The Support the whole family, Working hard.
Make sure his kids and wife have enough foods to eat.

Of course, Mummy are like superwomen to their own child too.
Make sure everything goes well, never have their kids get starve. 

But most importantly is communication in a family :) 

Jazz Prepared the superman beforehand.
And he took less then 2 hours to finish the arch.