Monday, October 21, 2013

Balloon Dress for Star Vista Mall

Hello Guys!

Have you seen my beautiful model, Lilian walking around with a balloon dress on her 
at Star Vista Mall near Buona Vista Mrt?

Client Requested a Girl wearing Balloon dress to walk around the mall with all the colourful balloons!
And of course to give out to kids. 

They are actually celebrating Star Vista Mall Birthday!
There was a big big Cake bouncy castle with lot lot of balloons and balloon sculptures in it!

Lilian was there on the Saturday and Sunday!

I bet a lot of the kids have a lot of fun with my model and 
adults, taking lot of pictures with her :)

A Picture of My Model, Lilian :)

Lastly, Balloon Hot air balloon!
I really really like this design :)

More pictures coming up!
Stay Tune!