Sunday, September 15, 2013

Balloon Sculpting by Jazz Ang


Balloon Sculpting event done by Jazz!
Recently, he just send me some photos!

I bet a lot parent enjoyed to have him at their parties!

Balloon Butterfly!

A Advance Balloon Elephant 

Recently, Jazz & Guan liang & I did a birthday Party at Costa Del sol condo!
We went back to do balloon sculpting for this pretty mummy!

She has been hiring us for more the 5 times for her daughters birthday :)
It just feel amazing when you attend her daughter birthday, and see her daughter grows tall and pretty.

A Balloon Race Car for a little boy

Jazz with the birthday girl's elder Sister.

She look so cute & really really pretty :)

Balloon Race car for this little big boy :)
They were very happy to get a unique balloon home.

A Group Photo of  a birthday party!
Birthday party was done by Jazz too.

We met a lot of  cool people last weekend!
And very good parent that always offer us some drinks & foods.
in case we have no time to eat & rush for another event

We will treat every single parties or events very importantly.