Sunday, August 18, 2013

Round Balloon Animals

Hi guys!
Recently I just did a some round balloon animals.
As you can see, I did a balloon lion, balloon zebra, balloon tiger & balloon panda.
Let's talk about some of the balloons I've use.

Balloon Lion
I used quite a lot of small orange round balloons, we called it 5" round fashion solid orange.
I took about 45mins - 1 hour to finish this little round lion. The yellow round balloon pop halfway when I was going to finish it.
Instead of giving up the ideas, I just redo everything.  :)

Balloon Panda
This is the most favourite animal in singapore. Because Singapore latest imported animal is Panda!
I actually got quite a number of request of a balloon panda for birthday party that I had done before.
I took about 25mins - 30mins to finish this.

Balloon Tiger
As you can see, this round balloon tiger is a little different!
I used a different kind of print for this tiger. I did not draw the stripes myself. But the round balloon, itself was printed this way.
The round balloon tiger paws is a bit different too. As I used some other technique to make the paws look big and cute.

Balloon Zebra
I used a special printed round balloon for its body too.
I used a distortion technique for its mouth. And a technique called apple twist/tulip twist to make the legs.
I also added some balloon hair for him. To make it look handsome.
All the round balloons animals can be use for balloon display or Table Centrepieces!
They will sure impress your guests.