Monday, April 29, 2013

Balloon Events in Singapore


Some Balloon photos of what we did previously!

Did you spotted us at Plaza Singapura shopping mall?
We did a week of balloon sculpting there.

We did a lot of different sea creatures!

This is a Balloon Octopus! 
It look cute right?

It was done by balloon assistant!
Mr Guanliang

I did a Balloon Doggy for this lady here.
She brought this balloon from me when we are selling balloons at City Square mall. 

Balloon Red Bird!
The birthday boy likes to play the Bird game.
And therefore, i did a Red Bird for him.

Angry Balloon Dino!
This little boy choose dark green for his dino.

He look cute right :D

My Balloon Baggy!
I always bring that much of balloons and colours out for events.!

Balloon Sword & Balloon Panda requested.

a Orange colour balloon dino!

 She is curious about how i draw balloon panda eyes
I just love my Panda design :)

Birthday party done by Mr Jazz!
He went to this client house for some Cartoon Twisting Session.

A special Balloon done by Mr Jazz.

Balloon Premium Workshop at Midview City!

Can see, I am the one who teaches 5 people in one session.
Our workshop, include teaching of basic sculptures to intermediate sculptures.
They are learning balloon ballerina from me.

If you are keen on learning, Please do contact me or email me. :)

We have other instructors will be teaching. :)