Sunday, March 31, 2013

Balloons Decorations/ Events

Hi Guys!

Here i am to post some pictures about what i had done that past 2 weeks.
Really really busy with City Square mall event & Other Events too.

First Balloon Dress is Made by Jazz Ang ( Balloon Artist & Magician)

Done with my first fairy!

When she was done, without eyes drawn.

Did you notice, the 3 fairy is different on Wednesday at City Square mall?

Second dress was made Kaden & Jazz Ang.
Pink Fairy.. 

Well, What you saw in this pictures?
There is 6 Characters.

This Balloon Backdrop was made by Jocelyn Ng & Guan Liang.
It was for a Kids @ work for a company.

Pretty much having fun with kids.

Panda Columns.
There were pretty big. About 1m height.
It was for a event at Tourism Board.

Will post more pictures, after editing!
Seeyaaaaa.! :D