Sunday, January 27, 2013

MBS Arch & Life Size Balloon Girl


This Week i gonna show you all,
Jazz & Team did a balloon arch at MBS !

They woke up around 4am and drive to MBS to setup the arch.
They slept late that night, yet have to wake up early to setup ! 
But everything worth it!

A Garden Theme for this event!

Hehehes Butterfly done by me.. :D

Next Thing i wanna show you guys is
Life Size Balloon Girl.

A mummy actually order a Balloon girl for her daughter birthday.
They even hired our Face Painter, Amanda.
Magician & Balloon Artist, Jazz.

This is done by Jazz and me.
Jazz used distortion method to do out a beautiful flowers.
It take quite something to finish the flowers with 9 Petals.

Would like to thanks partners & team
Thankyou for all the hard works!

And thank you daddies & mummies for all the compliments. :D
Seeyou all soon!