Monday, October 22, 2012

Birthday Party @ Vision Learning & Lido @ Orchard

Hi Guys!

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Weekday Birthday Party at Vision Learning!
This School is full of children creative work.

1 hour 30 mins of balloon sculpting for 100 + kids there.
I am doing for the whole school.

Happy 6th Birthday!

This is the Sword Group,
I think they like Sword better then anything.
Can Fight, Can Poke.
Anything you like, but doesn't hurt :D

I enjoy the most because all the children are very friendly.
they talk to me a lot, especially those are about 5 yrs old.

This is the flower group,
Everyone requested for flowers, even boy boy also want.

Come to the most interesting part.
My Director, Jazz & Kaden, 
They stay overnight at our office (located at Midview City (Sin Ming Lane)
to prepare for Lido decoration .
They woke at Morning 7am to Brush up and prepare for their event.
At 8am, lorry came and they travel down to Lido (Orchard).
They took lift up to 6th floors.

It took 2 hours for them to finish up the Balloon Heart Tree.
Client still ordered Helium balloons in Pink & White.

What a exciting event they have.
Need to finish before the mall is open.