Monday, October 29, 2012

Balloon Decoration @ Amaranda Garden Condo

I am back to post about my weekend birthday parties & events.

Happy 1st Birthday to Emma.

Emma's parties was a animals/safari theme.
Didn't manage to see the cute birthday girl.

But i bet she is sure happy to see so much balloons, friends & relatives to celebrates her birthday.

Her party start at 11am.
So I went there, 2 hours earlier to setup everything.
I prepared all the animals before hand.
Ans bring it over.

My favourite animals is Giraffe & Tiger.
this decoration, animals can be given out after the party.
A string will be attached to the balloon, just need to cut it off
and give it to the kids.

I went off around 10.30am. before the guest is arrive.
Here are the pictures, i took.