Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hi Guys,

Here i am to blog about my balloon photo shooting.
My director send me some balloon sculptures photo, taken from oversea balloon sculptors.
Here, I try out 1 of the elephant using a special technique for the elephant truck.
It took me quite sometime to figure it out. and that my favourite elephant ears. 

My director is well prepared for the next coming festival.
~The Halloween~
Woooo. So Creepy.
Here, This a picture of what he did for the past weekend.
Impressive to have a creative director.

Can you guess what is this?
Is done by my director.
A best team i have :).

And this was done a week ago.
hehe. i think i can put this, past of my name card soon.

And i am excited to do some charity events coming up next.
And wishing every kids,

Ciaos~ :D